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Our school has been opened since 2011 and growing very quickly with the new suburbs of Rosebery and Bellamack continuing to expand.

We pride ourselves on being connected with our community.  We are a well equipped school with support for all our families in our immediate area through the programs we offer, our Defence Support Transition Aid, with strong intervention programs in place that support students to improve their literacy and numeracy levels.

At our school we also have four signature programs that we believe make us stand out amongst the choices that parents have in trusting the education of their children to a school. They are:


Almost all of our classes operate with two teachers and two classes working in a shared space. Through employing various Co-Teaching models, our teachers can vary the instruction in many different ways to meet the various learning preferences of our students.

Kagan Co-Operative Learning

This is the pedagogical approach that underpins our philosophy of inclusive learning. The Kagan structures, when skilfully administered, allow students to take real responsibility for their learning and the learning of those around them.

Restorative Practices

This is the foundation of our Behaviour Management processes and action. Restorative Practices encourages our whole community to focus on harm and relationships in addressing wrongdoing. This leads to a culture of respect and responsibility, this in itself a marvellous lever for better learning environments.

 Visible Learning

Rosebery Primary School has a significant focus on the Performing Arts and ICT. We have a dedicated Performing Arts teacher and our partnership with the NT Music School means that our students have access to high quality tuition and wonderful resources. Our learning spaces are all fitted with Interactive Whiteboards and each class has regular access to laptops in wireless capable spaces. We believe these commitments allow students to engage in other curriculum areas more effectively.

Please feel free to contact us at the school to find out even more as I am keen to discuss the great things we do at Rosebery Primary School.

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Gail Smith

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